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Cooking thread Anonymous 04/12/16(Tue)18:51:06 No.13
Nowhere else to post this, so I'll put it here because cooking is an art to me.

What have you been making lately? Have any recipies you want to share? Post pics and videos of your cooking.

I'll post my dinner tonight later.
Anonymous 04/12/16(Tue)20:46:20 No.14

Haven't experimented much with cooking since college.

I have been sporadically trying to perfect matcha milk tea though, and for the most part am satisfied with the flavor I've accomplished. Perfect for lazy weekend mornings and afternoons.

Pic somewhat related, but spoilers - it never actually looks like this irl.

Anonymous 01/11/19(Fri)21:08:58 No.172

>tfw white people really believe this

Anonymous 01/20/19(Sun)01:00:28 No.173

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