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PIMP SHIT! Anonymous 10/17/18(Wed)04:31:20 No.1026 [Reply]
Anonymous 10/25/18(Thu)01:45:35 No.1027

Anonymous 06/26/18(Tue)23:53:48 No.1019 [Reply]
Am i alowed to be here if i'm brown but not black? :D
Anonymous 06/28/18(Thu)13:12:50 No.1021
we actually don't care what race you are

how goes it

Anonymous 04/13/18(Fri)17:18:25 No.1016 [Reply]
Anonymous 04/16/18(Mon)05:20:12 No.1017

History Dan Higgins 02/06/18(Tue)13:34:09 No.1011 [Reply]
why do African Americans believe that north Africans were black? in reality they were closer to Arabs and due to the Sahara the north was almost completely closed off from the rest of the continent, the only sub Saharan Africans in north Africa were Slaves
Anonymous 02/08/18(Thu)17:05:17 No.1013
Ignorance, but not entirely unfounded.

On one hand, ancient North Africa was overwhelmingly caucasoid - predominantly Berber, with some semitic (Carthage) and proto-semitic (Lower Egypt) peoples in the mix.

On the other hand, there has been a significant SSA presence in the southern extremes for quite a while; the most prominent example of this are the Tuaregs, and perhaps the Upper Egyptians.

Pictured: major ethnic demographics of Afro-Asiatic antiquity.

The first is an ancient Libyan, and the fourth is an ancient Lower Egyptian. The third is Levantine or Mesopotamian, and presumably might have been what a Carthaginian looked like. The second is a Kushite. An upper Egyptian might have been somewhere in between the Lower Egyptian and the Kushite.


To add, I'm really not a big fan of black American weeaboism for North/East African cultures as there's a lot of rich Sub-Saharan West African history/culture that they
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Black woman appreciation thread Anonymous 12/15/17(Fri)23:30:02 No.998 [Reply]
Post your Qt's
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Anonymous 12/15/17(Fri)23:52:23 No.1003

Anonymous 12/15/17(Fri)23:54:48 No.1004

My eyes

Anonymous 12/15/17(Fri)23:57:06 No.1005

I understand, maybe eventually

Anonymous 12/16/17(Sat)00:02:08 No.1006

Anonymous 12/16/17(Sat)00:03:07 No.1007
Imgur is such a trash site

Board Lets Talk Raza Mobizo 08/13/17(Sun)06:58:23 No.992 [Reply]
How about we use Afro-Chan to conquer the world?
Anonymous 08/17/17(Thu)03:48:44 No.993
how so

Hello Anonymous 06/20/17(Tue)10:14:57 No.988 [Reply]
Is anybody out there?
Anonymous 06/21/17(Wed)13:42:47 No.989

Anonymous 06/21/17(Wed)22:45:18 No.990
ayy sup afrobro

Anonymous 06/22/17(Thu)14:25:38 No.991
Not much, plenty keeping me occupied in the real world. How's life treating you?

Anonymous 04/13/17(Thu)01:54:21 No.984 [Reply]


diboard alternative to nntpchan Anonymous 03/23/17(Thu)16:14:47 No.981 [Reply]
Decentralized ImageBoard "diboard" close to release.
I invite you to collaborate.

Core module writen in Java and may be used with any JVM compatible language.

- No JavaScript.
- Short links works globally
- No message loss even with too large attachment.
- Fully compatible with nntpchan soft (except tripcodes, AUTH command, decentralized moderation).

+ Full documentation and research logs.
Anonymous 03/23/17(Thu)16:16:50 No.982

Anonymous 04/12/17(Wed)16:18:41 No.983

Anonymous 04/12/16(Tue)02:23:02 No.193 [Reply]
How do we spread the word on afrochan without bringing pigskins or afrocoon pigskin-sympathizers

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Anonymous 04/12/16(Tue)04:01:44 No.208


Thom'Dank (in graphic class) 04/12/16(Tue)13:12:17 No.217
I'll go on the JBO board on thecoli and mention this place once or twice

Anonymous 04/14/16(Thu)22:06:17 No.397
No pigskin
Post a pic full of them

Nigga what's wrong with you?

Anonymous 02/01/17(Wed)19:12:28 No.979

Anonymous 02/03/17(Fri)17:52:47 No.980

Anonymous 06/28/16(Tue)23:37:25 No.935 [Reply]
yo ethiopian fag here whats up
Anonymous 06/29/16(Wed)16:27:24 No.936
Slow these days.

How's life in Ethiopia?

Anonymous 01/06/17(Fri)00:42:42 No.976
I came back to this site and found this old thread of mine, is this website dead?

Also I'm doing well, how about you? Where are you from?

Anonymous 01/14/17(Sat)17:46:54 No.977
American south, here. I suppose I'm doing pretty well.

Site moves like a continent, mostly since a large swath of the users prefer to shoot the shit via other outlets.

dickdastardly 06/02/16(Thu)17:16:06 No.922 [Reply]
Hello? is anyone here?
Anonymous 06/03/16(Fri)14:01:09 No.923
Things have been moving at a snail's pace as of late. We really ought to promote this more diligently.

Anonymous 06/04/16(Sat)06:13:29 No.924
yeah, we should keep this on the down low so other chans don't find us again

Anonymous 06/04/16(Sat)21:41:26 No.925
On the other hand, we don't want to be /rg/ 2.0 (i.e., dead)

Anonymous 10/10/16(Mon)17:20:36 No.947

Yeah, we should advertise this place so it doesn't die but make sure to advertise it in places where we're less likely to get raided

The first thing cripple chan and 4chan did when they found out about Afrochan was raid it

Anonymous 08/28/16(Sun)02:21:28 No.945 [Reply]

Come one, come all; tell me what's happening in your lives these days.

Hair care thread I guess Anonymous 08/14/16(Sun)08:17:53 No.941 [Reply]

>"One size fits all" shower caps no longer fit me
Anonymous 08/15/16(Mon)04:12:17 No.942

> bought this texturizer a few weeks ago
> applied to hair
> one patch of really straight hair, but otherwise loosened curls
> trimmed down sides, back
> when i pick it out look like i have moderately large afro
> when i condition it without picking, my hair looks genuinely curly
> lots of comments/compliments and girls at the bar occasionally trying to touch it

> parents hate it

It's been an interesting experience I suppose.

Anonymous 07/16/16(Sat)04:25:10 No.939 [Reply]
if any of you negras are lurking come and raid


I hate this format

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