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Nationstates Thom'Dank (in Graphics Class) 05/23/16(Mon)12:45:39 No.920 [Reply]
Anyone else play Nationstates? Want to play a semi-escapist nation simulator? Make an account and join my new, Black-only region:

Anonymous 05/24/16(Tue)01:21:19 No.921
Played like a decade ago back in like high school. It was a crazy socialist state with 100% income tax.

Anonymous 06/19/16(Sun)19:54:36 No.934
Yep. I'll join.

Black Feels Anonymous 04/09/16(Sat)20:24:00 No.160 [Reply]
Time for a black feels thread famiy

>tfw black in a mostly white area
>tfw black in a very liberal social justice college
>tfw every time someone mentions something about race, they look at me

>tfw the BSU is filled with neugender faggots and womyn
>tfw that weird chick whi used to stalk me is also there
>tfw all they talk about is intersectionality and when the next protest will be and how veganism brings them back to mother earth and I just want to bantz

>tfw whenever I do
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Anonymous 04/19/16(Tue)10:07:17 No.883
>black business casual

Guessing that means having to be twice as qualified and dress twice as sharp : ^ )

Anonymous 04/22/16(Fri)23:42:00 No.897
that's hot 2bqh

>tfw literally every non-tyrone black guy wants a stay-indoors-and-watch-anime-all-day relationship
>tfw the ones like this are nowhere to be found

Anonymous 04/23/16(Sat)01:22:38 No.898
not him but
>tfw every girl i've dated has hated going jogging/hiking with me

like seriously

Anonymous 05/11/16(Wed)10:57:17 No.915
No, black business casual means Oxford shirt and Jordans. White business casual is Oxford and Tom's finest

Anonymous 05/12/16(Thu)01:53:36 No.917
>oxford and jordans
>oxford and tom's finest

Anonymous 04/21/16(Thu)07:21:17 No.891 [Reply]


What is this meme?
Anonymous 04/21/16(Thu)15:32:18 No.892
if you
>are a racemixing black nationalist
>are an anti-imperialist that benefits from the military industrial complex
>are a consumerist anticapitalist
>criticize anyone whose views/decisions conflict with your views
you might be a shep

Anonymous 04/21/16(Thu)16:46:09 No.893


Anonymous 04/22/16(Fri)01:29:47 No.894
you forgot that shep is a fag/trap fucker

Anonymous 04/22/16(Fri)02:17:46 No.895

Anonymous 05/11/16(Wed)10:58:12 No.916
So a shep is a neo-liberal?

Anonymous 05/01/16(Sun)15:59:50 No.914 [Reply]
Someone save this board

Anonymous 04/24/16(Sun)02:23:28 No.899 [Reply]

Hey /noir/,
want some juice?
Anonymous 04/24/16(Sun)02:53:20 No.901
I'm more partial to cranberry juice

Anonymous 04/24/16(Sun)04:56:24 No.902
It's nasty.

Orange only

DickDastardly 04/25/16(Mon)02:52:52 No.905
nigga apple juice is fire.

Anonymous 04/30/16(Sat)19:48:05 No.912


Anonymous 04/15/16(Fri)17:04:56 No.759 [Reply]
Why is she so perfect, /noir/?

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Anonymous 04/19/16(Tue)02:59:31 No.880
qt thread? qt thread.

>tfw you will never hold her

Anonymous 04/24/16(Sun)18:02:03 No.903
Looks like a budget Emmy Rossum.

Anonymous 04/24/16(Sun)18:54:44 No.904
except she looks nothing like emmy rossum

Anonymous 04/27/16(Wed)23:32:04 No.909
Fuck off conway

Anonymous 04/27/16(Wed)23:32:04 No.910
Fuck off conway

Cure Afro 04/27/16(Wed)04:23:12 No.907 [Reply]

Afrochan's Precure Thread #1
Anonymous 04/27/16(Wed)04:52:53 No.908

Anonymous 04/12/16(Tue)02:15:18 No.188 [Reply]

reminder that birones are not welcome
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Anonymous 04/14/16(Thu)23:21:50 No.473

>white man here
who do you hate more
or a

Anonymous 04/14/16(Thu)23:23:08 No.475
how will we prevail if our demograpics only went up 1% point in a decade

Anonymous 04/19/16(Tue)23:23:30 No.886
"It's not colorism if i only fuck white women" - shep

Anonymous 04/20/16(Wed)16:13:21 No.889
"i benefit from institutional racism too" -shep

Anonymous 06/18/16(Sat)19:48:43 No.932
i hate neither

king taught me to judge a man based on the content of his character, and malcolm taught me to be courteous to individuals who are courteous to me

Black men finally have something intellectual we can call ours Alex 04/18/16(Mon)18:05:05 No.866 [Reply]
I found out about this site back during the raid, and I think that this place has a lot of potential. African American (men) are in dire need of something like this that can wake them up out of the slumber feminists and commies put them in. I will be on this site more often and I would love to see open and intellectual discussion about current problems negroes are facing in America.
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Anonymous 04/18/16(Mon)21:57:23 No.873
Anonymity certainly has its benefits.

>How do make requests for change to the board owners?

See >>126
Needs to be made into a sticky again.

Alex 04/18/16(Mon)22:06:16 No.874
You know what, you're right. I'll remain anonymous for a while longer, but I plan to be a tripfag as I want you fags to know who I am. Thanks btw

Anonymous 04/19/16(Tue)03:51:53 No.881
klk yourself famlay

Anonymous 04/19/16(Tue)14:30:19 No.884
nice try autism

I'm not gonna tripfag on this site your can't even direct upload and I'm not using fucking imgur.

Anonymous 04/19/16(Tue)15:15:35 No.885
Wouldn't take it personally, there's a lot of hostility toward trips by users on this board. The other boards on the site, not so much.

Anyway, if there's an imagehost that offers a client-side upload widget/API/etc. (i.e., server plays no role in upload), we'd be interested to check it out.

At a glance, PostImage seems like a reasonable candidate for both integration and general registration-free uploads.

Anonymous 04/18/16(Mon)19:18:41 No.867 [Reply]

Hey mods, not everyone here has a imgur account. Can the system be tweaked to that you can upload directly from your device?!

It will make it way easyer to work with it overall.

Pic unrelated
Anonymous 04/18/16(Mon)20:42:48 No.871
The prospect of image upload functionality - to or from our server(s) - is in limbo at the moment.

It dramatically increases the amount of surface area vulnerable to DDOS attacks, as well as being a potential liability from a legal standpoint - concerns which were both proven as very reasonable by occurrences during the raid.

There are plans to expand the number of image sites supported in the near future, but until we acquire some legal counsel and upgrade our computing infrastructure, we're shying away from image uploads.

Booker Whatley Anonymous 04/15/16(Fri)08:45:43 No.731 [Reply]

Why didn't nuclear black communities take off?
Anonymous 04/15/16(Fri)10:54:53 No.740
They did, and it survived slavery despite the odds.

Johnsonian economic policy (and to a lesser extent, Nixonian drug policy) destroyed the black family, and that same countereconomic force has noticeably crept on the white family - so they ought to be very concerned about unsettling trends happening in their own communities right beneath their noses.

Anonymous 04/18/16(Mon)05:11:09 No.850

Oh, we are.

Believe me.

/blacksthetic/ Anonymous 04/13/16(Wed)00:12:31 No.227 [Reply]
Post black art, music, speeches, quotes, photographs, etc.

Anything that captures the essence.

>Barbara Jones-Hogu - Unite
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Anonymous 04/13/16(Wed)00:33:46 No.230

>Fela Kuti - Yellow Fever

>Curtis Mayfield - Little Child Running Wild

>Harold Wheeler Consort - Black Cream

Anonymous 04/13/16(Wed)00:40:35 No.231

>Malcolm X - The Ballot or the Bullet

Anonymous 04/13/16(Wed)02:09:04 No.233

LAX Theme Building, designed by Paul Williams.

Anonymous 04/18/16(Mon)03:29:09 No.841
>The Impressions - Keep on Pushing

>Charles Bradley - No Time for Dreaming

>Curtis Mayfield - Move On Up

>I said that any individual who learned to do something better than anybody else - learned to do a common thing in an uncommon manner - had solved his problem, regardless of the colour of his skin, and that in proportion as the Negro learned to produce what other people wanted and must have, in the same proportion would he be respected.
- Booker T. Washington

Anonymous 04/18/16(Mon)03:34:31 No.843

> At Hampton I not only learned that it was not a disgrace to labour, but learned to love labour, not alone for its financial value, but for labour's own sake and for the independence and self-reliance which the ability to do something which the world wants done brings. At that institution I got my first taste of what it meant to live a life of unselfishness, my first knowledge of the fact that the happiest individuals are those who do the most to make others useful and happy.
- Booker T. Washington

Anonymous 04/11/16(Mon)03:34:13 No.180 [Reply]
tfw no mlp gf to love me forever

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Anonymous 04/14/16(Thu)21:00:05 No.360


pick ONE and only one.

Anonymous 04/16/16(Sat)15:23:55 No.777
>tfw people think you're incapable of love for some reason

Anonymous 04/17/16(Sun)06:50:53 No.784


Anonymous 04/17/16(Sun)22:17:49 No.839

Anonymous 04/17/16(Sun)22:52:28 No.840
the first 73 posts were during initial development and deleted before beta testing began.

Anonymous 04/15/16(Fri)14:55:28 No.737 [Reply]
Honest question, how much do you believe in the idea that historical characters were black and that white people try to "white wash" history?

Just a honest question, I've seen white people say that the Inca's, Chinese emperors and all Egyptians were somehow as white as, say, Swedes.

But my question is toward the other side, do you believe that Tutankhamon, Julius Caesar, Beethoven etc etc was black and that white people try to steal them?

If so, why?
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Anonymous 04/15/16(Fri)15:28:02 No.743
Also, most Egyptians today are mixed with Arabs, Greeks etc.

Copts however, are the only group who are directly descendend from ancient Egyptians, including their language.

This is what Egyptian Copts look like:

Which is pretty much how I imagine ancient Egyptians, minus their western clothing.

Anonymous 04/15/16(Fri)11:10:50 No.744
I'm not the most well versed in Egyptian history, but it seems the Nubian Dynasty was the 25th, whereas Tut fell in the 18th.

If the attributions about Beethoven, etc, are indeed rooted in misinterpretations, they're incredible leaps.

Anonymous 04/15/16(Fri)11:22:16 No.745
I wonder if any of their names have retained any elements of their past. I suppose it's more likely they've inherited Hebrew/Arabic names though.

Anonymous 04/15/16(Fri)16:45:11 No.751

Hmm, fair enough, it seems I mixed these 2 dynasties up.

Honestly though, Tutankhamun was pretty dark-skinned. As I said earlier, most ancient Egyptians looked similair to Arabs but Tutankhamun seems darker than the average Arab. His mother, Nefertiti also looks pretty dark.


His mother Nefertiti


Good question, but the thing is, Copts are only part descendand from ancient Egyptians.

The truth is, after Alexander the great conquered Egypt, Egypt rapidly became Hellenized (Greek).

The ancient Egyptian language mixed with Greek. This mixture is still spoken by Coptic Egyptians (Christians) today.

The Arab language never truly mixed with Coptic. Arabic just replaced it. There are videos on Youtube about the Coptic language but tbh it just sounds like a mix between Greek and Hebrew.

Most modern Egyptians are Arabs or, better yet, a mix between Arab and pre-Arabian
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

DickDastardly 04/17/16(Sun)21:39:36 No.838

ancient Egyptains ranged from looking like Algerians to Nubians. there was no ONE ancient Egyptian look

m ## Admin 04/16/16(Sat)15:26:47 No.778 [Reply]

Ladies and degenerates,

As you know, the first wave of stormie raids have been stopped in their tracks.

I'd like to acknowledge our staff for their diligence in assessing and handling the situation, our users for their patience, and the raiders for making us stronger as a website and closer as a community.

In closing, I'd like to reiterate that posts suspected of being associated with such raids may result in indefinite bans.

Thank you, and carry on.

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