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Anonymous 04/16/16(Sat)00:04:13 No.767 [Reply]
what does do you guys think about this video?

They make a good point.

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No. 768 04/16/16(Sat)01:22:35 No.771
I don't buy into the assertion that America was built on slavery, but I do believe that:

(1) slavery fostered a pathological cultural inclination to dependency on others, which black people strove with observable success to break free of it before Johnson effectively brought it back to secure Democratic hegemony over the black vote, and

(2) slavery and indeed the unruly culture of white southerners of the time stunted the cultural capital development of black folk on the aggregate - and as my years in the rural deep south indicated, white folk. The key difference being, leftists managed to convince a significant swath of one of the two that it is an integral part of their ethnic identity.

> Kings and Queens

I'd be hard pressed to find someone that literally believes Kings and Queens were kidnapped from Africa and enslaved. "Royal" ancestry somewhere in the exponential ancestral tree is somewhat plausible among some or many, but I never took it too seriously.
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No. 768 04/16/16(Sat)01:52:48 No.772

>"copts looked white"
>golly gee, we were kings!

If it's not black folk claiming ancient Egypt was black, it's white folk claiming ancient Egypt was white. I swear to God.

>"nubian slaves built the pyramids"

Pretty sure the Egyptian government contracted laborers from the general population of Egypt to do it. But then again, what do I know.

>america's wealth was not built on slavery
Pretty much, as a rule slavery retards economic development and modernization. Case in point: the south, the sahel, Brazil, and the pre-oil Middle East.

>the west's wealth was built on western innovation
I'd say free(r) market economics and free exchange of ideas. The west isn't a special snowflake, but I'm ranting now.

>as many white slaves as black slaves

Stateside, absolutely in the colonial years.

Indentured servitude and slavery were one in the same, though early slavery was impermanent.

Things took on a racial flavor going into the late 18th
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No. 768 04/16/16(Sat)02:18:00 No.773
>the civil war was not entirely about slavery

There were other economic and political factors for secession, but they all boiled down to issues rooted in the south's economic inefficiency and dependency on imports due to the inability to produce its own finished goods, skilled German immigrants aside.

This inefficiency ultimately boiled down to a dependence on slavery on the part of the economic elite, and thus a reluctance to invest in other more lucrative areas, namely industrialization.

Of course, the war wasn't to end slavery and I thought this was common knowledge. The abolition move emerged as the war progressed, partially as a matter of strategic necessity, and partially perhaps because of Lincoln's exchanges with Douglass.

>lincoln wanted to preserve the union without abolition if possible
Lincoln also didn't want the border states to secede either, as it would have made things far worse. The GOP was an openly abolitionist party, and seeing as
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No. 768 04/16/16(Sat)02:37:12 No.774
>why are there no memorials to non jews who died in ww2
Within areas affected by the war, there are ample memorials. The sheer volume of Holocaust museums around the world is a bit unusual, but I suppose their focus is more of an appeal against genocidal acts like it, even if they weren't the first, last, or worst.

Which then leads me to wonder why Slavs don't do the same, seeing as they perhaps paid the greatest cost in WW2.

>"why should i feel guilt, i'm catholic"
The KKK targeted Catholics as well, since they were the largest immigration wave during the latter half of the 19th Century. This is why I think racial "guilting" is silly, whether it's overtly toward whites by the left, or covertly toward blacks by the right.

>if american wealth was built on slavery, blacks are enjoying it too
Nobody benefited from slavery except the elite in my opinion.

A compelling argument can perhaps be made that yeomen farmers didn't have to compete with black folk on a level
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No. 768 04/16/16(Sat)03:08:10 No.775
>only two million died in the middle passage (a fifth of those who died on the way to markets)
News to me.

>barbary pirates enslaved whites
Aware of that. Figured they were an extension of the Saharan slave trade. Berbers thrived on their rainbow coalition of involuntary labor.

>marines/navy created to fight the pirates
To the contrary, both the navy and marines were formed during the revolution. But the Barbary conflict was probably our first major operation as an independent state.

>slavs captured by islamic slave traders
He cites Russia and Poland, but did Muslim slave raids really go that far inland into Europe? Enslavement of Balkanese Slavs is pretty much common knowledge for anyone educated on the topic though.

>why do we make a big deal out of black slavery

Honestly, I think we make too big a deal about it and it's used as an excuse for things far too much. But I still think its racial flavor has made a peculiar impression on the American
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Anonymous 04/15/16(Fri)07:13:04 No.730 [Reply]

Do we have enough people to go and start beef with black Tumblr?
Anonymous 04/15/16(Fri)13:57:51 No.733
what's the beef, though?

Anonymous 04/15/16(Fri)10:57:13 No.741
I wouldn't encourage it. They could easily subvert our community and turn it into an SJW cesspool.

Anonymous 04/15/16(Fri)19:20:59 No.764

we call this "the shep infection"

Anonymous 04/15/16(Fri)20:30:29 No.765
lets not go full 4chan-retard and attack other boards for the "lulz"

it's best to just lay low till most forget this website exist

Anonymous 04/15/16(Fri)03:32:34 No.716 [Reply]

>go to lunch
>order tendies sandwich
>tfw they're overcooked
Anonymous 04/15/16(Fri)19:05:46 No.760
Where did you go? If it was KFC, you were asking for it senpai.

Anonymous 04/15/16(Fri)19:13:09 No.761
How do you overcook tendies? wtf

Anonymous 04/15/16(Fri)19:20:16 No.763
It's incredibly easy to cook chicken to the point where it turned into leather. Have you ever had a chicken meal that didn't come out of an industrial pressure fryer?

Anonymous 04/14/16(Thu)22:33:28 No.441 [Reply]
all the assholes raiding you are from here
i just thought you would want to know who is behind this
Anonymous 04/14/16(Thu)22:34:34 No.442
Its a lot more than that

Anonymous 04/15/16(Fri)04:00:10 No.720
It's also people from 4chans /pol/ as well

Anonymous 04/15/16(Fri)02:50:28 No.713 [Reply]

Polite reminder that namefags need to leave.

Bismarck ## Mod 04/15/16(Fri)02:48:58 No.712 [Reply]



God bless.

Anonymous 04/15/16(Fri)02:28:03 No.707 [Reply]

When the clock hand
Strikes that eight babe
Time to head for Afrochan

It's a good time
For some great tech (data!)
At McAfro's
Ban stormfags tonight!
Silveretta ## Mod 04/15/16(Fri)02:46:01 No.711
Tendies pls

Anonymous 04/12/16(Tue)04:20:24 No.209 [Reply]

Sup Afrochan,

What are you currently doing with your life? What are your goals and dreams?

If you ran the zoo Anonymous 04/11/16(Mon)19:17:38 No.186 [Reply]

Not sure if this belongs here on in /rev/, but whatever.

What would you do if you ran your country or even the world?
Would you enact reparations or abolish affirmative action?

Would you use due process to do things or use the massive armies that I am granting you in this hypothetical to establish a dictatorship?
Anonymous 04/12/16(Tue)02:20:15 No.192
if i ran the flight-plan for my country i'd crash it with no survivors.

Yes, i live in America

Anonymous 04/12/16(Tue)04:32:57 No.210
> What would you do if you ran your country or even the world?

global jus primae noctis

but in all seriousness, i'd probably promote classical liberal ideals and information/technological freedom

> Would you enact reparations or abolish affirmative action?

affirmative action would be along socioeconomic lines

> Would you use due process to do things or use the massive armies that I am granting you in this hypothetical to establish a dictatorship?

domestically, i might have to dabble in some dictatorial policy, the mass media - traditional and new - is pretty shit

internationally, a little big stick diplomacy never hurt anyone

Anonymous 04/06/16(Wed)23:36:44 No.144 [Reply]

how do we kill shep?
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Anonymous 04/11/16(Mon)03:21:25 No.179
kwaku ban this race cuck

Anonymous 04/11/16(Mon)05:12:05 No.182



Earthkwake !!9650d28e44f 04/11/16(Mon)17:04:26 No.183

I would but anything that means more blasians is OK with me

Anonymous 04/11/16(Mon)17:30:23 No.185
>you'll never worship and lick Aiko's bare feets

Why even live

Anonymous 04/12/16(Tue)02:30:04 No.195
ari pls go

noir? Anonymous 03/21/16(Mon)22:11:53 No.86 [Reply]
Anonymous 04/09/16(Sat)21:10:51 No.164

Daily reminder that Cabernet Sauvignon > Pinot Noir.

Anonymous 04/09/16(Sat)21:18:53 No.165

Malbec is fine too.

Anonymous 04/09/16(Sat)23:47:32 No.167

Only Amerishits think Pinot Noir is drinkable.

Anonymous 04/10/16(Sun)04:52:55 No.169

Amerishit here.

I may have had a particularly fine glass of it at a dinner party in the Pacific Northwest, but if I recall the winery it came from was run by gods and it had aged like a dream.

I avoid it like the plague anywhere else though. Consumer grade pinots are usually good for cooking, getting drunk, and not much else of substance.

HAI lance-kun !!a9f62649fed 04/09/16(Sat)23:11:23 No.166 [Reply]
Anonymous 04/10/16(Sun)00:23:08 No.168
Tripfriend filters when? :^)

Anonymous 04/12/16(Tue)20:05:46 No.223
When the need for tripfag chemo comes.

Anonymous 04/09/16(Sat)17:16:30 No.157 [Reply]
Where are the white women located?
Anonymous 04/09/16(Sat)18:13:41 No.158

ask shep, and then stop making these threads

Reminder Anonymous 03/23/16(Wed)00:17:43 No.108 [Reply]
First, let’s take out the weak/bullshit reasons about why it devalues women.

Her being unable to “pair-bond” after “x” number of partners. I don’t really buy into this, hard to prove, and hasn’t been my experience.

Her vagina getting stretched out. Nonsense. They are elastic. My experience has not shown sluts to be any looser or tighter.

Men are afraid of being compared to past lovers. This, of course, is women’s favorite assumption. While some young men may feel
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Anonymous 03/23/16(Wed)21:35:36 No.111

nice copypasta m8

Anonymous 04/03/16(Sun)20:49:30 No.125
nice trips faggot

Anonymous 04/06/16(Wed)04:10:07 No.139
Have you seen Medaka box?

Anonymous 04/08/16(Fri)05:27:55 No.149
ask >>>/weeb/

Militzation Anonymous 04/04/16(Mon)23:53:08 No.132 [Reply]

We need to arm ourselves before the Hilary and Bernie try to take away our rights.
Anonymous 04/05/16(Tue)02:29:53 No.133

If Shillary comes for you, all hope is lost and it's time to leave the country.


Anonymous 04/06/16(Wed)02:25:12 No.137
fuck off shep >>>>>>/rev/

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