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R: 35
How can we make Afrochan great?:

Feel free to post suggestions ITT regarding concerns, new boards, new features/improvements, and ways to grow our userbase.
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R: 2
: Who is the girl with sunglasses in the banner?
R: 1
PIMP SHIT!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2_wqDnDkQ0
R: 1
: Am i alowed to be here if i'm brown but not black? :D
R: 1
R: 1
History: why do African Americans believe that north Africans were black? in reality they were closer to Arabs and due to the Sahara the north was almost completely closed off from the rest of the continent, the only sub Saharan Africans in north Africa were Slaves
R: 9
Black woman appreciation thread: Post your Qt's
R: 1
Board Lets Talk: How about we use Afro-Chan to conquer the world?
R: 3
Hello: Is anybody out there?
R: 0

R: 2
diboard alternative to nntpchan: Decentralized ImageBoard "diboard" close to release.
I invite you to collaborate.

Core module writen in Java and may be used with any JVM compatible language.

- No JavaScript.
- Short links works globally
- No message loss even with too large attachment.
- Fully compatible with nntpchan soft (except tripcodes, AUTH command, decentralized moderation).

+ Full documentation and research logs.
R: 6
: How do we spread the word on afrochan without bringing pigskins or afrocoon pigskin-sympathizers

R: 3
: yo ethiopian fag here whats up
R: 4
: Hello? is anyone here?
R: 0

Come one, come all; tell me what's happening in your lives these days.
R: 1
Hair care thread I guess:

>"One size fits all" shower caps no longer fit me
R: 0
: if any of you negras are lurking come and raid


I hate this format
R: 2
Nationstates: Anyone else play Nationstates? Want to play a semi-escapist nation simulator? Make an account and join my new, Black-only region:

R: 21
Black Feels: Time for a black feels thread famiy

>tfw black in a mostly white area
>tfw black in a very liberal social justice college
>tfw every time someone mentions something about race, they look at me

>tfw the BSU is filled with neugender faggots and womyn
>tfw that weird chick whi used to stalk me is also there
>tfw all they talk about is intersectionality and when the next protest will be and how veganism brings them back to mother earth and I just want to bantz

>tfw whenever I do something I actually enjoy, like hiking or D&D, I'm the only black person there
R: 5


What is this meme?
R: 0
: Someone save this board
R: 4

Hey /noir/,
want some juice?
R: 7
: Why is she so perfect, /noir/?

R: 0

Afrochan's Precure Thread #1
R: 22

reminder that birones are not welcome
R: 8
Black men finally have something intellectual we can call ours: I found out about this site back during the raid, and I think that this place has a lot of potential. African American (men) are in dire need of something like this that can wake them up out of the slumber feminists and commies put them in. I will be on this site more often and I would love to see open and intellectual discussion about current problems negroes are facing in America.
R: 1
: http://m.imgur.com/gallery/tDwJ6

Hey mods, not everyone here has a imgur account. Can the system be tweaked to that you can upload directly from your device?!

It will make it way easyer to work with it overall.

Pic unrelated
R: 1
Booker Whatley: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Booker_T._Whatley

Why didn't nuclear black communities take off?
R: 7
/blacksthetic/: Post black art, music, speeches, quotes, photographs, etc.

Anything that captures the essence.

>Barbara Jones-Hogu - Unite
R: 7
: tfw no mlp gf to love me forever

R: 8
: Honest question, how much do you believe in the idea that historical characters were black and that white people try to "white wash" history?

Just a honest question, I've seen white people say that the Inca's, Chinese emperors and all Egyptians were somehow as white as, say, Swedes.

But my question is toward the other side, do you believe that Tutankhamon, Julius Caesar, Beethoven etc etc was black and that white people try to steal them?

If so, why?
R: 0

Ladies and degenerates,

As you know, the first wave of stormie raids have been stopped in their tracks.

I'd like to acknowledge our staff for their diligence in assessing and handling the situation, our users for their patience, and the raiders for making us stronger as a website and closer as a community.

In closing, I'd like to reiterate that posts suspected of being associated with such raids may result in indefinite bans.

Thank you, and carry on.
R: 8
: what does do you guys think about this video?

They make a good point.

R: 3

Do we have enough people to go and start beef with black Tumblr?
R: 3

>go to lunch
>order tendies sandwich
>tfw they're overcooked
R: 2
: all the assholes raiding you are from here
i just thought you would want to know who is behind this
R: 0

Polite reminder that namefags need to leave.
R: 0



God bless.
R: 1

When the clock hand
Strikes that eight babe
Time to head for Afrochan

It's a good time
For some great tech (data!)
At McAfro's
Ban stormfags tonight!
R: 0

Sup Afrochan,

What are you currently doing with your life? What are your goals and dreams?
R: 1
If you ran the zoo:

Not sure if this belongs here on in /rev/, but whatever.

What would you do if you ran your country or even the world?
Would you enact reparations or abolish affirmative action?

Would you use due process to do things or use the massive armies that I am granting you in this hypothetical to establish a dictatorship?
R: 14

how do we kill shep?
R: 4
noir?: https://youtu.be/A6yttOfIvOw
R: 1
HAI: Yes
R: 0
: Where are the white women located?
R: 3
Reminder: First, let’s take out the weak/bullshit reasons about why it devalues women.

Her being unable to “pair-bond” after “x” number of partners. I don’t really buy into this, hard to prove, and hasn’t been my experience.

Her vagina getting stretched out. Nonsense. They are elastic. My experience has not shown sluts to be any looser or tighter.

Men are afraid of being compared to past lovers. This, of course, is women’s favorite assumption. While some young men may feel this way, most men outgrow it or are confident enough in themselves sexually not to give a shit.

Let’s get to the real reason: Female promiscuity is associated with low value traits. Her inability to gain commitment from the men she slept with in her past sends a red flag to the rest of us that she is probably not someone worth keeping around. Just how women take their cues from other women on which men to find attractive, men take cues from other men as well when it comes to assessing a woman's value. If some bum down the block pumped and dumped her, she’s probably not worth much more to you.

Once a woman sleeps with a man, the power shifts, and it’s time for a woman to show her value to him in order for him to want to keep her. He’s proven his value already, because if he hadn’t, she wouldn't be fucking with him in the first place. .

High quality women are able to get commitment. Men lock them down by marrying them and/or committing to them because they value what she brings to their life. These women have a very low turnover rate because men keep them in LTR’s. As a result, her number of sexual partners is low.

Women who have consistently failed to gain commitment from men they sleep with will be assessed as lower value, and their turnover rate and number of sexual partners will be much higher. Few men want to keep them around, and usually for good reason. These women display unattractive traits like clinginess, insecurity, low intelligence, laziness, unladylike behavior, etc. They are seen as unworthy of commitment and subsequently used for sex until they are bored or pushed to commit and dump them.

So we can conclude that a high number of partners for a woman is associated with low value traits. One only needs to look at the revolving door of men in an overweight or homely woman’s life to see this pattern.

Now, to illustrate the point about association of low value: Take a man who goes on dozens of job interviews, but can’t seem to get hired anywhere. People will eventually start to assume he is the problem. Exactly how many failed interviews he has to go on before people will start to think that is subjective, but eventually they will assume it is because he is lazy and un-hirable.

Men make this same subjective judgment based on a woman’s sexual past. Everytime she slept with a man who didn’t end up committing, that was a failed interview. That is why there is no set number determining when she’s crossed the line into unhirable status. For every man, this number will be different.

So, if female promiscuity is associated with low value women, why doesn’t it devalue men?

Because the man is the employer in the analogy. Women assume a man who has rejected a high number of sexual partners (applicants), but hasn’t found anyone good enough to commit to, that he must be a high value mate, and to be hired by him will put her in a good position.

A high # of sexual partners for a man is associated with high value traits. Women know this, which is why they don’t care how many partners a man has had. Athletes, celebrities, wealthy men, etc. constantly have women fighting for their attention no matter how many women they have had in their life. Promiscuity between the sexes is simply not comparable because they have opposite perceptive value.

Tl;dr Men are the gatekeepers to commitment, making our promiscuity irrelevant. Women are the gatekeepers to sex, making their promiscuity an insightful tool in assessing their value.
R: 1

We need to arm ourselves before the Hilary and Bernie try to take away our rights.
R: 0
: Is there any British chicks that want to ride my dick

please say yes
R: 2
: Dead forum
R: 2
: reminder that birones have tainted any women that they've laid with.
R: 10
: Where the white women at?
R: 8
Kayode thread: Post your rare Kayodes

R: 1
Daily Reminder: If you feel
but do not support or contribute to the waifu revolution, you are a failed normalscum degenerate.
R: 2
: Friendly reminder that non-americans are genetically inferior
R: 2
: Something about ameriblacks needing to be purged.

Can you guess who I am? :^ )

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