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History Dan Higgins 02/06/18(Tue)13:34:09 No.1011
why do African Americans believe that north Africans were black? in reality they were closer to Arabs and due to the Sahara the north was almost completely closed off from the rest of the continent, the only sub Saharan Africans in north Africa were Slaves
Anonymous 02/08/18(Thu)17:05:17 No.1013
Ignorance, but not entirely unfounded.

On one hand, ancient North Africa was overwhelmingly caucasoid - predominantly Berber, with some semitic (Carthage) and proto-semitic (Lower Egypt) peoples in the mix.

On the other hand, there has been a significant SSA presence in the southern extremes for quite a while; the most prominent example of this are the Tuaregs, and perhaps the Upper Egyptians.

Pictured: major ethnic demographics of Afro-Asiatic antiquity.

The first is an ancient Libyan, and the fourth is an ancient Lower Egyptian. The third is Levantine or Mesopotamian, and presumably might have been what a Carthaginian looked like. The second is a Kushite. An upper Egyptian might have been somewhere in between the Lower Egyptian and the Kushite.


To add, I'm really not a big fan of black American weeaboism for North/East African cultures as there's a lot of rich Sub-Saharan West African history/culture that they grossly overlook or even downplay.

For instance: A significant minority of black Americans have ancestry in the Niger River Delta (Bight of Biafra, etc.). Its predominant ethnic group, the Igbo, have an intriguing indigenous culture/religion, a traditional self-governance model eerily similar to a libertarian republic, and their metalworking technology was comparable to the ancient Greeks.

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