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How can we make Afrochan great? Anonymous 04/04/16(Mon)01:17:12 No.126

Feel free to post suggestions ITT regarding concerns, new boards, new features/improvements, and ways to grow our userbase.
Anonymous 04/04/16(Mon)01:28:51 No.127
We need to shill and create a community first. also /a/ when?

Anonymous 04/04/16(Mon)01:36:01 No.129
>/a/ when?

How do we shill a community together?

Anonymous 04/04/16(Mon)02:17:50 No.130
Find way to appeal to robots, the weebs, the autists, the contrarians, and the expats that find it hard to fit into ameriblackdom, as well as where they reside atm then proceed to shill

Anonymous 04/06/16(Wed)00:24:08 No.135

Anonymous 04/06/16(Wed)02:09:57 No.136
Needs mexicans. They're the blacks of the Southwest

Anonymous 04/06/16(Wed)04:08:48 No.138

Anonymous 04/06/16(Wed)23:36:30 No.143

Anonymous 04/07/16(Thu)04:04:32 No.146

Anonymous 04/09/16(Sat)02:54:33 No.153


Anonymous 04/11/16(Mon)19:18:03 No.187
Add a rules page nigga

Anonymous 04/12/16(Tue)04:33:27 No.211

Anonymous 04/15/16(Fri)04:02:50 No.722
More boards would be appreciated

Also a bit more mods. I get the feeling now that people know this place exists, AfroChan is gonna see lots of raids from little edgy kids

Anonymous 04/18/16(Mon)22:09:17 No.875
Make redtext a thing, make a FAQ page so people will know how to use this damn site,and what's up with using imgur for pics? Why cant we just upload directly?

++also spoilers++

Anonymous 04/19/16(Tue)00:27:17 No.877
Image upload.


Anonymous 04/19/16(Tue)01:14:10 No.878

Anonymous 04/19/16(Tue)01:51:16 No.879
we don't want people posting images that will get us in trouble with the law. especially during a raid.

Anonymous 04/20/16(Wed)01:35:43 No.887
Movie Board
Comics Board

Anonymous 04/22/16(Fri)22:53:59 No.896
everything else is right but red text sucks man

that attention grabbing shit will turn this place into a total shithole.

Anonymous 05/20/16(Fri)21:07:03 No.918
The main problem new chans have is the ultra slow content posting, so many new chans die this way.

Anonymous 05/23/16(Mon)09:15:45 No.919
webms with sound and catalogs

Anonymous 06/04/16(Sat)23:23:02 No.926
What about boards for Kemet, Hebrew Israelites, Moors, etc?

It's important to know our true history and the truth behind melanin. We are the original people on this planet from which all others are derived.

Anonymous 06/04/16(Sat)23:39:22 No.927
What about boards for Kemet, Hebrew Israelites, Moors, etc?

It's important to know our true history and the truth behind melanin. We are the original people on this planet from which all others are derived.

Anonymous 06/07/16(Tue)00:44:24 No.928
When the hoteps come, we will ask them politely and firmly to leave.

Anonymous 06/09/16(Thu)01:14:22 No.929
I'm glad to see people still post here, hopefully we can get a good community going. Also catalogs would be nice

Anonymous 06/16/16(Thu)04:26:57 No.930
Would it be a good idea to start advertising in black hair generals on /fa/ to boost traffic? Has anyone even visited in the last week?

Anonymous 06/17/16(Fri)06:39:29 No.931
Wouldn't be a bad idea. Even /soc/ wouldn't hurt.

I drop in maybe once a day.

Anonymous 06/18/16(Sat)22:46:30 No.933
Cool, do you have any ideas for restarting the conversations here I feel I could just name drop on 4chan but some content to keep them around would go a long way

Anonymous 06/30/16(Thu)01:45:48 No.937

I'm open to the idea of advertising and all that but i get a feeling we're gonna get raided again by reminding other chans we still exist

Anonymous 07/10/16(Sun)17:59:31 No.938
How to make Afrochan great:
1) go to all the black Facebook groups
2) recruit
3) ?
4) Profit.

nntpchan diplomat 08/15/16(Mon)13:16:58 No.943

I would like to invite all of you to join overchan/nntpchan.

Briefly, nntpchan is a decentralized and distributed image board. IBs like 4chan and 8chan rely on a single organization to manage the site. nntpchan instead relies on many organizations working together to propagate messages across the whole network.

1. Communication gets centralized. Since posts are shared between nodes, a community doesn't have to lose posts or users just because there is disagreement. Instead, the party that wants change can simply start their own node and start peering with the other nodes.

2. Node owners have control over design, which boards to accept, and moderation. The nntpchan system uses a moderation key trust system. You simply trust the keys you want to be able to delete posts. You don't have to trust any keys at all and you can accept any posts that come through. You can also choose to ignore certain boards.

3. Censorship on nntpchan is hard: no one is easily silenced. Deletions do not cascade unless the moderator is trusted on that node.

4. Hard to DDoS. Because each node can be hosted anywhere in the world, someone would have to attack each node individually to bring the node down. Just so at least two nodes are running, the nntpchan system works!

I'll be lurking this thread to see if this is something you would be interested in.

Anonymous 08/15/16(Mon)13:18:56 No.944
When I say "join nntpchan", I mean setting up a node and peering with the active nntpchan nodes.

Anonymous 01/23/18(Tue)20:55:21 No.1009
A shame it died...


Anonymous 01/26/18(Fri)18:09:02 No.1010
still here

Anonymous 01/10/20(Fri)14:54:00 No.1074
more mods, the more people to get this active the better lol

Anonymous 01/10/20(Fri)18:05:11 No.1075
There were several mods back in '16; not sure if any are still active.

Moderation has been overwhelmingly delegated to automation.

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