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dickdastardly 06/02/16(Thu)17:16:06 No.922
Hello? is anyone here?
Anonymous 06/03/16(Fri)14:01:09 No.923
Things have been moving at a snail's pace as of late. We really ought to promote this more diligently.

Anonymous 06/04/16(Sat)06:13:29 No.924
yeah, we should keep this on the down low so other chans don't find us again

Anonymous 06/04/16(Sat)21:41:26 No.925
On the other hand, we don't want to be /rg/ 2.0 (i.e., dead)

Anonymous 10/10/16(Mon)17:20:36 No.947

Yeah, we should advertise this place so it doesn't die but make sure to advertise it in places where we're less likely to get raided

The first thing cripple chan and 4chan did when they found out about Afrochan was raid it

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