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Anonymous 04/10/16(Sun)13:12:13 No.3 [Reply]
So /pub/,

How do you do you think we can heal and unify inner cities?

What common issues do you see in inner cities?

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Anonymous 04/14/16(Thu)22:01:55 No.80
Urban planner here, this is correct. Many cities intentionally ran highway through low income minority areas to break them up.

Anonymous 04/14/16(Thu)23:26:37 No.85
need to stop having the women being married to the government
its starts at the home
need to build a new culture

Anonymous 04/15/16(Fri)01:05:35 No.89
As long as the new left and their derivatives have a vicegrip on our leadership and the vast majority of our intelligentsia, that's not happening.

Anonymous 06/16/16(Thu)04:37:02 No.101
I always thought inner city communities would benefit from things like urban gardens, vibrant community centers and the like. However in my experience these things are reserved for gentrified/white areas, We need to make conscious efforts to change that.

Anonymous 08/31/16(Wed)02:59:54 No.102
The first thing that must be overcome is red tape. Thing is that the state tends to attempt regulate the hell out of everything, including what people do on their own properties.

Anonymous 03/22/16(Tue)07:11:15 No.1 [Reply]
who /trump/ here

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Anonymous 04/14/16(Thu)02:21:28 No.10
Key phrase: short run.


>ban/deport illegal immigrants
>more jobs available to us citizens
>us citizens legally entitled to higher wages, benefits, better working conditions
>cost of business operations rise
>existing businesses that cannot adjust to rise in costs go bankrupt, leading to unemployment
>businesses that can adjust to rise in costs raise of cost of goods, services accordingly
>less expendable income on the part of consumers ->less spending
>assuming no dramatic counterproductive intervention, equilibrium is re-established, characterized by higher costs, and marginally lower rates of employment

Foreign Competition:

>levy tariffs on foreign imports to the US
>domestic businesses find a larger market at home
>foreign countries levy tariffs against us in retaliation
>domestic businesses lose access to foreign markets
>economic disaster (read up on the smoot-hawley tarriff act of 1930)

>ban foreign labor
>less economic
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Anonymous 04/14/16(Thu)15:49:19 No.75
My God, the bitch REALLY thinks this is a game...

Anonymous 04/14/16(Thu)21:51:49 No.79
Me fam

Anonymous 04/14/16(Thu)23:29:07 No.86
isn't he going to deoport the 10-30 million
and compared to the thier healthcare cost it will save us money
also the wall could be built as america is in atrade defieict with mexico

lastly mexico has a southern wall.
if they can do it
we sure as hell can try

Anonymous 04/15/16(Fri)01:04:34 No.88
We already have a rudimentary wall. They dig tunnels underneath it.

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