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Anonymous 03/22/16(Tue)07:11:15 No.1
who /trump/ here

Anonymous 03/22/16(Tue)12:41:38 No.2

Favoring Johnson this cycle, since my principles lean classically liberal and the Libertarian party is the closest fit.

On the other hand, Hillary murdered the last great Pan-Africanist leader, destroyed the prosperous nation of Libya, and is directly responsible for the widespread genocide of black Libyans at the hands of NATO-backed militias in the wake of the civil war.

Also, this:

With this in mind, if there's a fighting chance that the psychopath can be defeated, I'm not beyond fervently supporting Trump.

Thom'Dank (in Graphic class) 04/13/16(Wed)15:03:34 No.6
Trump will be good for us in the short run if he stops all illegal immigrants and foreign competition from taking jobs from blue collar Blacks, but that'll never happen.

Anonymous 04/14/16(Thu)02:21:28 No.10
Key phrase: short run.


>ban/deport illegal immigrants
>more jobs available to us citizens
>us citizens legally entitled to higher wages, benefits, better working conditions
>cost of business operations rise
>existing businesses that cannot adjust to rise in costs go bankrupt, leading to unemployment
>businesses that can adjust to rise in costs raise of cost of goods, services accordingly
>less expendable income on the part of consumers ->less spending
>assuming no dramatic counterproductive intervention, equilibrium is re-established, characterized by higher costs, and marginally lower rates of employment

Foreign Competition:

>levy tariffs on foreign imports to the US
>domestic businesses find a larger market at home
>foreign countries levy tariffs against us in retaliation
>domestic businesses lose access to foreign markets
>economic disaster (read up on the smoot-hawley tarriff act of 1930)

>ban foreign labor
>less economic output from talented hires around the world
>a bit less disastrous since the US has a pretty skilled workforce, but it's still a bad idea in principle, and the working class doesn't benefit either way

That's before the subject of automation arises, which is arguably the biggest threat to employment. Even if jobs like manufacturing come back, things have been so significantly automated that the substantially fewer positions return will largely have a high barrier to entry - a lot of "manufacturing" capacity has actually returned because it's cheaper to automate at home than to pay slave wages abroad.

We'd best prepare for a post-labor economy because we're on the road to it whether we like it or not, and a lot of people are going to be out of work.

The business logicians ("computers") of the early 20th Century lost their jobs first, then the manufacturers beginning in the 1970s. More skilled non-service-sector jobs have been slowly eaten, and in the coming decades service and more fine-grained physical labor will bite the dust too.

Anonymous 04/14/16(Thu)15:49:19 No.75
My God, the bitch REALLY thinks this is a game...

Anonymous 04/14/16(Thu)21:51:49 No.79
Me fam

Anonymous 04/14/16(Thu)23:29:07 No.86
isn't he going to deoport the 10-30 million
and compared to the thier healthcare cost it will save us money
also the wall could be built as america is in atrade defieict with mexico

lastly mexico has a southern wall.
if they can do it
we sure as hell can try

Anonymous 04/15/16(Fri)01:04:34 No.88
We already have a rudimentary wall. They dig tunnels underneath it.

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