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Anonymous 07/08/16(Fri)06:11:00 No.255 [Reply]

What are everyone's thoughts and feelings on the latest news headlines involving law enforcement violence and ensuing retaliatory violence?

> Baton Rouge
> Falcon Heights
and now
> New Orleans
> Dallas

I personally think they're being played up as a diversion from the Clinton email scandal, but I'm curious about other perspectives.
Anonymous 07/09/16(Sat)07:39:39 No.256
just stuff blown way out of proportion

Anonymous 05/02/16(Mon)10:48:13 No.247 [Reply]
Does any one here wants to live in an African country or do you all plan to stay in the US, Europe or whatever? I assume it's the former, but I am looking for people who don't want to stay.

>tfw blacks abroad whine but still would never leave countries that will always look down on them
Anonymous 05/02/16(Mon)15:33:24 No.248
I will not be leaving the US. Life is pretty good here for me and I like my job/career.

Raza Mobizo 05/12/16(Thu)20:06:41 No.249
I am going to try and construct a seastead for African Diaspora. However if Trump wins the election and his constituents take control over congress then I am leaving to Jamaica.

Anonymous 06/30/16(Thu)01:43:09 No.254
Leaving US for Africa because US looks down on blacks wouldn't change anything

I'd either get shot, robbed, die of some obscure disease and because i'm african-american the africans would look down on me because "you get to live in a first world country but still whine all day"

Malcolm X Day/Appr. Thread Thom'Dank (in graphics class) 05/19/16(Thu)14:11:52 No.251 [Reply]
El Hajj Malik al-Shabazz would've been 91 today brehs.

inb4 Christians, Hoteps, BHIs, Nuwabians or NOIs
Anonymous 05/20/16(Fri)02:38:45 No.252
the ballot or the bullet was an inspiration

Let's Make Blackistan Black Nationalist 04/21/16(Thu)14:09:48 No.245 [Reply]
Why not build a seastead for the Afrikan American community so we can have our own nation?
Anonymous 04/22/16(Fri)01:31:18 No.246
would be goat but i have no money

Raza Mobizo 05/12/16(Thu)20:09:18 No.250
That's muh plan!

POC Thom'Dank 03/22/16(Tue)08:18:09 No.1 [Reply]
I'm not down with other shades of brown/Spics, Yids and Chinks can all eat my dick/They live calling us nigger but when ofays do the same, they flip the script/I hate other "minorities"/Fuck this so-called unity, I'm a displaced Afrikan, I want a Black community.
Anonymous 04/04/16(Mon)20:02:54 No.2
I'm not down with other shades of brown either. If you are lightskin, it means you have a substantial amount of white blood and you must be gassed. Also Haitians are unbearable and must go

Anonymous 04/07/16(Thu)23:36:39 No.3
how do we repurify the blacks with white blood?

Anonymous 04/08/16(Fri)23:54:02 No.4


Anonymous 04/09/16(Sat)00:45:53 No.5
not cool

Anonymous 04/19/16(Tue)13:12:54 No.244
No.2 and No.3 one drop rule is unity and Haitians are our brothers, Haiti had the only successful slave revolt in history. Their problems stem from French threats to invade them if they didn't pay them money.

Cop who commited brutal roadside beating gets off light Anonymous 04/16/16(Sat)02:13:28 No.239 [Reply]

So boot camp and a halfway house instead of 13 months to 10 years in prison? For a brutal assault? Trust in believe we will never get justice in this system. Liberation becomes necessity.

Anonymous 04/10/16(Sun)14:49:07 No.6 [Reply]
How do you feel about the word nigger? How do you react to it?

Should no one be allowed to say it? Only certain people? Should everyone?

In my opinion it's lost it's meaning. Non-blacks will find just about anyword to replace it. (thug, criminal, low-lives)

Thom'Dank 04/10/16(Sun)23:58:30 No.7
I only really get mad at non-Blacks who think they can say nigga and other shit like fam, like get the hell outta here you long-nosed, pale face, dog-haired, rat soup eating cave bastards..

Anonymous 04/11/16(Mon)02:27:47 No.8
> Nigger
In my personal lexicon it's a synonym for other drivers in traffic.

Never heard it used by black folk, though by whites it's a strong indicator of:
> low socioeconomic status
> low intelligence
> low age
> all of the above

> Nigga
I use it ironically sometimes, but also consider it an indicator of low socioeconomic status.

Quite frankly, there are so many ghetto white/hispanic folk that use it precisely the same way ghetto black folk do that it doesn't even bother me.

It's less about race than accent and context - with respect to the proverbial "pass", if they use it properly while speaking what amounts to fluent AAVE, they may as well be black as far as I'm concerned. If not, there might be a problem.

Anonymous 04/14/16(Thu)23:05:58 No.147
Racism with racism doesn't help

Anonymous 04/15/16(Fri)12:09:54 No.233
Found shep


Name fagging on an anon img board

Anonymous 04/16/16(Sat)01:52:29 No.238
You overestimate how much I post here.

Anonymous 04/15/16(Fri)03:04:08 No.212 [Reply]
/rev/ How do you feel about the only man who tried to save europe?

I am really liking the fact we have to use an outside source to post pics.

make africa great again!
Anonymous 04/15/16(Fri)03:14:16 No.214
Copypasta from my earlier post:


> It's silly to blame the Jews for some kind of global conspiracy against the races. The Zionist subset have a colorful track record for infiltrating/influencing British and American public opinion and politics, but they are not representative of all Jews.

> While Jews are indeed disproportionately represented in the likes of academia and public policy among other fields, if they were not, it would be another group pushing the same or similar ideas.

> Remember, Engels wasn't a Jew - he was an ethnic German, and a nationalist at that. Even the likes of Cultural Marxism has its roots in the Stalinist foreign policy of the USSR, a largely Slavic nation.

> Furthermore, while it may be an unpopular assertion, the biggest setbacks to the negro stateside were from Anglo-Saxon and Scots-Irish politicians - often "liberal" by contemporary standards - like LBJ, Nixon, and Clinton.


> Hitler's inconsistency with respect to
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 04/14/16(Thu)22:06:14 No.132 [Reply]
Whitey here.
My friends are in an indie band, and on weekends they use their recording equipment to record hip-hop beats and verses. It all explicitly apes black culture and copies popular music made by black artists. None of us are black. One of us is half-Taiwanese. Everyone else is effectively white. They all claim the right to say "nigga" whenever they want to.
None of them think it's racist at all. Or maybe they do and just deny that it is. Either way, it strikes me, as a white
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Anonymous 04/14/16(Thu)22:08:06 No.133

nobody cares

Bismarck ## Mod 04/15/16(Fri)01:41:53 No.192
Already a thread on this. Take your curiosity there.

Anonymous 04/15/16(Fri)00:00:14 No.160 [Reply]
why was he so based?

General Idi Amin Anonymous 04/14/16(Thu)23:41:20 No.159 [Reply]

Why was Idi Amin so vilified? He was an ally of the US, France and Israel until:
- he became the strongest leader in Africa, a model for all Africa
- he sided with the Arabs and with Palestine
- he expelled the Jews from Uganda (who had nearly bankrupted the country)

After he did these things, he all of a sudden became "a child-sacrificing cannibal". Suspicious or not? I know he was a dictator, but he made Uganda a internationally significant player and a
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