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POC Thom'Dank 03/22/16(Tue)08:18:09 No.1
I'm not down with other shades of brown/Spics, Yids and Chinks can all eat my dick/They live calling us nigger but when ofays do the same, they flip the script/I hate other "minorities"/Fuck this so-called unity, I'm a displaced Afrikan, I want a Black community.
Anonymous 04/04/16(Mon)20:02:54 No.2
I'm not down with other shades of brown either. If you are lightskin, it means you have a substantial amount of white blood and you must be gassed. Also Haitians are unbearable and must go

Anonymous 04/07/16(Thu)23:36:39 No.3
how do we repurify the blacks with white blood?

Anonymous 04/08/16(Fri)23:54:02 No.4


Anonymous 04/09/16(Sat)00:45:53 No.5
not cool

Anonymous 04/19/16(Tue)13:12:54 No.244
No.2 and No.3 one drop rule is unity and Haitians are our brothers, Haiti had the only successful slave revolt in history. Their problems stem from French threats to invade them if they didn't pay them money.

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