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Anonymous 04/15/16(Fri)03:04:08 No.212
/rev/ How do you feel about the only man who tried to save europe?

I am really liking the fact we have to use an outside source to post pics.

make africa great again!
Anonymous 04/15/16(Fri)03:14:16 No.214
Copypasta from my earlier post:


> It's silly to blame the Jews for some kind of global conspiracy against the races. The Zionist subset have a colorful track record for infiltrating/influencing British and American public opinion and politics, but they are not representative of all Jews.

> While Jews are indeed disproportionately represented in the likes of academia and public policy among other fields, if they were not, it would be another group pushing the same or similar ideas.

> Remember, Engels wasn't a Jew - he was an ethnic German, and a nationalist at that. Even the likes of Cultural Marxism has its roots in the Stalinist foreign policy of the USSR, a largely Slavic nation.

> Furthermore, while it may be an unpopular assertion, the biggest setbacks to the negro stateside were from Anglo-Saxon and Scots-Irish politicians - often "liberal" by contemporary standards - like LBJ, Nixon, and Clinton.


> Hitler's inconsistency with respect to Jewish policy - Zionist support early in his tenure, the Holocaust toward the end, and general deprivation of Jewish civil rights all the while - suggests an antisemitic desire to remove the Jews from Germany/Europe. But it wasn't some grand ideal of liberating all humanity from the threat he believe they posed.

> Even Hitler's "fight" had nothing to do with the Jews. Rather, it was concerned with creating living room and garnering resource-rich lands at the expense of Slavic lives in the East, cold hard realpolitik ends in the West (and a perfectly reasonable desire for revenge against the French for Versailles), and perhaps general unification of the Germanic peoples within his sphere.

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