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Anonymous 05/02/16(Mon)10:48:13 No.247
Does any one here wants to live in an African country or do you all plan to stay in the US, Europe or whatever? I assume it's the former, but I am looking for people who don't want to stay.

>tfw blacks abroad whine but still would never leave countries that will always look down on them
Anonymous 05/02/16(Mon)15:33:24 No.248
I will not be leaving the US. Life is pretty good here for me and I like my job/career.

Raza Mobizo 05/12/16(Thu)20:06:41 No.249
I am going to try and construct a seastead for African Diaspora. However if Trump wins the election and his constituents take control over congress then I am leaving to Jamaica.

Anonymous 06/30/16(Thu)01:43:09 No.254
Leaving US for Africa because US looks down on blacks wouldn't change anything

I'd either get shot, robbed, die of some obscure disease and because i'm african-american the africans would look down on me because "you get to live in a first world country but still whine all day"

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