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Anonymous 04/10/16(Sun)14:49:07 No.6
How do you feel about the word nigger? How do you react to it?

Should no one be allowed to say it? Only certain people? Should everyone?

In my opinion it's lost it's meaning. Non-blacks will find just about anyword to replace it. (thug, criminal, low-lives)

Thom'Dank 04/10/16(Sun)23:58:30 No.7
I only really get mad at non-Blacks who think they can say nigga and other shit like fam, like get the hell outta here you long-nosed, pale face, dog-haired, rat soup eating cave bastards..

Anonymous 04/11/16(Mon)02:27:47 No.8
> Nigger
In my personal lexicon it's a synonym for other drivers in traffic.

Never heard it used by black folk, though by whites it's a strong indicator of:
> low socioeconomic status
> low intelligence
> low age
> all of the above

> Nigga
I use it ironically sometimes, but also consider it an indicator of low socioeconomic status.

Quite frankly, there are so many ghetto white/hispanic folk that use it precisely the same way ghetto black folk do that it doesn't even bother me.

It's less about race than accent and context - with respect to the proverbial "pass", if they use it properly while speaking what amounts to fluent AAVE, they may as well be black as far as I'm concerned. If not, there might be a problem.

Anonymous 04/14/16(Thu)23:05:58 No.147
Racism with racism doesn't help

Anonymous 04/15/16(Fri)12:09:54 No.233
Found shep


Name fagging on an anon img board

Anonymous 04/16/16(Sat)01:52:29 No.238
You overestimate how much I post here.

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