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Anonymous 05/30/17(Tue)17:18:56 No.182 [Reply]
turns out we werent kangs guys. shut this place down.


Anonymous 05/31/17(Wed)04:07:15 No.183

Anyone with any knowledge of anthropology whatsoever is aware that the Lower Egyptians had significant Mediterranean admixture. The emphasis on Eastern Mediterranean genetics is also unsurprising, as the New Kingdom included much of it at its peak, including the southern extremes of Anatolia.

It was, however, documented by Egyptians themselves that they were ethnically (and phenotypically) distinct from their Libyan, Canaanite, and Nubian neighbors, so the emphasis on their genetic similarities with others in the Bronze Age Mediterranean ecosystem rather than analysis of what made them distinct from their neighbors is rather underwhelming.

Daily Programming Thread Anonymous 04/10/16(Sun)20:07:24 No.1 [Reply]

What are you working on?

>tfw this will be a glorified changelog until more developers show up
Anonymous 04/14/16(Thu)16:36:56 No.126
Why not use a famous black programmer as the op picture?

Anonymous 04/14/16(Thu)16:54:41 No.128
Because the hacker ethic is colorblind, and I particularly admire the accomplishments and philosophy of ken and dmr.

Anonymous 04/16/16(Sat)12:41:51 No.175

Anonymous 04/19/16(Tue)01:35:27 No.180
Taking a MATLAB course this semester. Proudly finishing my exams before the whites AND the Asians. Who knew I'd have a knack for coding.

Anonymous 04/19/16(Tue)16:48:15 No.181
Any other languages or projects?

List of Black Inventions Tyrone 04/14/16(Thu)09:34:30 No.17 [Reply]
hey /stem/ let's educate each other and compile a list of all the amazing inventions made by our fellow blacks.

Anonymous 04/14/16(Thu)14:23:42 No.112

Not an inventor per se, but J Ernest Wilkins, Jr. was a contributor to the Manhattan Project as a nuclear physicist/engineer.

Anonymous 04/18/16(Mon)17:56:35 No.177
Lewis latimeir (last name is slightly mispelled) invented the lightbulb.

Specificly he created the specific metal microfiliment that was nessary to be made so that the lightbulb wouldn't just burn out within a unmarketable short time.

So he made it possible for it to be actully used in daily life because the filiment he made lasted long enough.

I believe he also made the stop light

>every time white ppl stop to obey traffic laws they are obeying a brown/black man

Anonymous 04/19/16(Tue)01:31:45 No.178

You're thinking of Garrett Morgan. He patented the three-colored traffic light. It looks like it was mutually invented by a white man, but Morgan patented it before the other guy implemented it.

He also invented the safety hood, which saved the lives of many firefighters. He had to hire white men to advertise and sell it for him.

His invention gained public attention when two firefighters had disappeared on a rescue mission and Morgan and his brother used safety hoods to enter the burning tunnel and save the rescue team. They also retrieved the bodies of the original victims.

It was a long time before he received the recognition he deserved, but once he received it, he was given an award that made him an honorary fire fighter.

He also led the industry in chemical hair straighteners. Do what you will with this information


Anonymous 04/19/16(Tue)01:32:44 No.179

Let's try this image thing again

Anonymous 04/14/16(Thu)22:56:01 No.147 [Reply]
Ibn Battuta

was probably the most well traveled person ever he was from Morocco around 1200AD and traveled and had bitches and wives and good times

Anonymous 04/11/16(Mon)03:24:44 No.2 [Reply]
can pol. sci patricians post here? it is defined as a science.
Anonymous 04/11/16(Mon)05:32:43 No.3

That's not STEM bruh.

Anonymous 04/11/16(Mon)05:34:35 No.4
only if it's empirically quantifiable

otherwise >>>/art/

Anonymous 04/11/16(Mon)11:46:01 No.5
what about polling and statistics?

Anonymous 04/12/16(Tue)21:34:54 No.6
The theory statistics and probability and its relevance to the realm of politics is fine, but not anything tantamount to political trivia.

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