Abstract Garveyism – A New Era Of Black Thought

By K

April 21, 2017

For better or worse, often times the latter, the African is spiritual by nature. Whether it’s the so-called paganism of Vodun, or the many variations of the word of Abraham, there is no Black person with no connection to faith, as marginal or integral they be.

With the increasing number of young people in the Diaspora questioning the concept of an omnipresent, all-knowing, all-perfect Spook “god” such as myself, I present an alternative empiric philosophy – Abstract Garveyism.

Black Liberation is more of a metaphysical concept than a concrete ideology and ultimately, while not everyone can return to Africa or mobilize the masses, the best thing one can truly liberate is their selves.

The Abstract in Abstract Garveyism is freeing the mind from Eurocentrism, Self-hatred and Superstition. The Garveyism in Abstract Garveyism is replacing Eurocentrism with Afrocentrism, Self-hatred with racial pride and Superstition with Pragmatics.

Unlike other New World Black faiths Abstract Garveyism is meant to be simple, bluntly pro-Black and applicable with everyday life. As such, I have written up a “catechism” of sorts:

Questions and Answers:

1. Is this a religion?

In the loose sense, yes. You yourself are the God/dess of your own destiny, keeping the traditions of many other Black Nationalist groups such as the 5 Percent Nation of Gods and Earths and the Nation Of Islam. There are also optional holidays and guidelines.

2. Are there holy texts?

Nothing specific to Abstract Garveyism but highly recommended texts to study include, but are not limited to: The Opinions and Philosophy of Marcus Garvey, The Miseducation of the Negro by Carter G. Woodson, Black Boy by Richard Wright, Message to the Blackman by Elijah Muhammad and The Wretched Of The Earth by Frantz Fanon.

3. Is this a political front?

While Abstract Garveyism promotes group economics and entrepreneurship like its older predecessor, it is for all intents and purposes merely common sense with an emphasis to Black pride.

4. What is the ultimate endgame of all this?

Ideally people can get something out of Abstract Garveyism, maybe an increased sense of pride or just an idea to ponder over.

5. Can non-Blacks follow this ideology?

While it is doubtful a non-Black will find out about this, the answer is a resounding f—k no. It does not benefit a Black person when others benefit from a system that is not for them.

6. Are there any clergy?

Never. This is purely an “open source ideology” and is individualist as a philosophy can get.

7. Are there any mandatory prayers?

Again, no – feel free to pray, meditate, venerate your ancestors, etc. at your own discretion.

8. How are we supposed to celebrate the significant days, then?

However you want, by yourself or with family, merely acknowledging the day is good enough.

The 15 Guidelines and Principles

  1. Afrocentric Thought – Despite the centuries of Europeans claiming otherwise, Black is beautiful.
  2. Racial Pride – Africa is the origin of civilization, we’ve risen and fallen and are continuing to rise.
  3. Racial Loyalty – Black Americans are an inclusive and open people, this is very counterproductive, look out for your own as much as you can.
  4. Empiricism – Spook gods are not getting us anywhere, slaves didn’t become free until they prayed with their feet.
  5. Knowledge of Self – Research your family and culture, we are West and Central African.
  6. Self-Defense – The ballots haven’t worked, stock up on bullets!
  7. Open Source Freedom – If someone is tithing or demanding zakaat from you, s/he is a con artist, don’t buy god, find it yourself!
  8. Mental Fitness – Stimulate your mind; learn a language, read a book, etc.
  9. Eating to Live – Borrowing from Elijah Muhammad’s well intentioned but dated book, “How To Eat To Live”, cut out meat, dairy and soda if you so wish.
  10. Eye for an Eye – The Golden Rule has never worked for us, fight hate with hate.
  11. Skepticism – Question everything you learn.
  12. Environmentalism – Following M.O.V.E. founder John Africa’s example, advocating cleaner forms of energy and recycling is ultimately beneficial to the Diaspora.
  13. Innovation – By nature we are an inventive and creative people, let’s use our innate talent to our own benefit.
  14. Non-Aggression Principle – Do not do anything that’ll harm you or other people.
  15. Moderation – Nothing in excess, nothing in scarcity

The 10 Offenses

  1. Eurocentrism – If it isn’t Black, force it back.
  2. Self-Hatred – You were taught to hate yourself, you can teach yourself not to, too.
  3. Tokenism – No matter what you do, you will always be Black in their eyes, don’t chase something you can’t catch.
  4. Blind Faith – Refer to guideline #11 – Question everything you learn.
  5. Ignorance – If you know yourself, you know everything.
  6. Pacifism – Your enemy doesn’t love you, that’s why he’s your enemy!
  7. Monolinguism – In this day and age, two languages are a minimum requirement.
  8. Sexism – Misogyny and misandry between Black people only causes division, our melanin makes us equal.
  9. Harming a Child.
  10. Harming an animal.

Significant Dates

I don’t expect this Weltanschauung to blow up anytime soon or be followed by anyone but myself for that matter. Either way, its’ always good to have options open.

Ase, Salaam, Shalom, Alaafia, Hotep and Pce.


K is a graphic designer with too much free time.